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by Walter Wykes


NOTE: The Secret Origin of Mojo Man was first produced at Los Angeles Academy Middle School from April 27-29, 2011. It was directed by Joseph Zeccola, and the cast was as follows:

Vick: Felix Ramos & Keven Mendez
Mickey: Anthony Rubio & Keven Mendez
Bree: Gennesis Villalta & Carla Pelayo

[A brick wall outside a school.]

MICKEY: Shut up.

VICK: I'm serious.

MICKEY: You have powers?

VICK: One.  One power.

MICKEY: So you're like a superhero or something?

VICK: Yeah.  Sort of.

MICKEY: C'mon.

VICK: It's the truth.

MICKEY: Oh.  Right.  Okay.

VICK: You calling me a liar?

MICKEY: We've known each other how long?

VICK: Since second grade.

MICKEY: Second grade.

VICK: That day I saved you on the playground.

MICKEY: You didn't save me.

VICK: I totally saved you.

MICKEY: I could've taken her.

VICK: She had you pinned, man.

MICKEY: I didn't want to hurt her.

VICK: Bree's tough.

MICKEY: That's not the point.

VICK: What's the―

MICKEY: The point is, all those years, and you never bothered to tell me you have super powers? 

VICK: It's not like that, dude.

MICKEY: I think it would've come up.

VICK: It just did.  You're the first person I told.  You're like my Kato.

MICKEY: The Green Hornet is lame.

VICK: My Robin.

MICKEY: Robin?  Seriously?

VICK: What?

MICKEY: He wears green underpants.

VICK: I just found out.  Okay?  About my powers. 

MICKEY: Just now?

VICK: I came straight to you.

MICKEY: So ... this is like your origin issue?

VICK: My what?

MICKEY: Your origin issue. The Secret Origin of ...

VICK: I don't get it.

MICKEY: Every superhero has an origin.  It's the first issue.  Something happens, they discover hidden powers, battle some evil villain who falls accidentally into a vat of radioactive waste or something, swears vengeance, becomes their arch nemesis ...

VICK: Dude!


VICK: You don't still read those things―do you?

MICKEY: What?  Comics?  No way.

VICK: You do!

MICKEY: Pfff.  Comics are for kids.

VICK: Let me look in your backpack.

MICKEY: No.  Look.  What's your secret power?

VICK: My power?

MICKEY: Yeah.  What can you do?  Fly?  Freeze time?  Shoot lasers out of your eyes?

VICK: No.  Better.  It's like the ultimate super power.


VICK: My mojo.  It's enormous.


VICK: Chicks can't resist me.

MICKEY: Please.

VICK: What?

MICKEY: That's not a power.

VICK: Oh, it's a power.

MICKEY: Chicks can't resist you?

VICK: They do whatever I say.

MICKEY: Since when?

VICK: Since a few hours ago.

MICKEY: You're so full of―

VICK: I've made out with three cheerleaders since lunch.

MICKEY: Three cheerleaders?

VICK: My goal is the whole squad by the end of the day.

MICKEY: Which ... ahh ... which ones have you―

VICK: Uh-uh.  I don't kiss and tell.

MICKEY: C'mon!  I'm your Robin!

VICK: You said Robin was lame?

MICKEY: No, I said the Green Hornet was lame.  Robin's just ... look ... who'd you make out with?

VICK: Bella, Rosemary, and Bree.


VICK: Yeah.


VICK: Uh-huh.

MICKEY: You made out with Bree?

VICK: Bella, Rosemary, and―


VICK: What?

MICKEY: You know I like her!

VICK: Bree?


VICK: You barely even talk to her.

MICKEY: Because I like her! 

VICK: That's some twisted logic.

MICKEY: I've liked her since like second grade!

VICK: Since she beat you up on the playground.

MICKEY: I talk about her all the time!

VICK: All right.  Calm down.

MICKEY: No!  I won't calm down!  I can't believe you used your powers on the one girl―

VICK: So you admit I have powers?

MICKEY: No!  I don't admit you have powers!  I admit you're a backstabber!  I admit you stabbed your best friend in the back!

VICK: Those are harsh words.

MICKEY: If you had powers, you wouldn't be the hero!  You'd ... you'd be the villain!  The Joker!  Dr. Octopus!  The Red Skull!

VICK: And you're Captain America?

MICKEY: Maybe!  Maybe I am!  Why not?!  Maybe I have powers too!  Maybe I'll use my powers to counteract your powers!  To steal Bree back!  To end your reign of terror!

VICK: My reign of terror?


VICK: I just kissed a few girls.

MICKEY: A hero doesn't use his powers for personal gain!

VICK: Okay.  Fine.  We can have like a showdown or something.

MICKEY: Yeah!  That's right!  A showdown!

VICK: Whoever wins gets the girl.

MICKEY: She has a name!

VICK: I know.


VICK: I'm aware of her name.

MICKEY: So.  When do we do this?

VICK: Right now.


VICK: Yeah. 


VICK: Why not?

MICKEY: I ... I don't know.  I should probably go practice my powers or something.  I mean, it isn't fair.  You've had time to―

VICK: Powers never show up until the hero's in real trouble.  That's how it works.  Right?  Mine didn't manifest until I was alone with Bella in detention.  Until I really needed them.  Hot cheerleader.  No adult supervision.  Private cubby. 

MICKEY: Here she comes!

VICK: Who?


VICK: Perfect.  We'll use our powers.  Both of us.  It'll be a contest.  To see who's strongest.  Who has the most control. 

[Enter BREE.]

BREE: Hey, guys.

VICK: 'Sup.

MICKEY: Hi, Bree.

VICK: We were just talking about you.

BREE: Were you?



VICK: I'm pretty sure we were.

MICKEY: Not ... not specifically.

BREE: So you were or you weren't?

MICKEY: Well, I ... I mean ... your ... your name may have ... you know ... come up ... in conversation.  Along with several others.  Several other names.  We may have mentioned you.  Casually.  In passing.  A casual reference.  But nothing weird.  We weren't, you know, talking about you

BREE: It's okay, Mickey.  You can talk about me.


BREE: We've know each other since―what?  Second grade?

VICK: You used to beat him up.  On the playground.

BREE: I didn't beat him up.


BREE: I just sort of rubbed his face in the dirt.

MICKEY: We were playing.

BREE: So how did I come up?  In this mysterious conversation?

VICK: We were trying to decide which of us should take you to the dance.

BREE: Yeah?

MICKEY: What?!  That's ... that's not―

BREE: What did you decide?

VICK: We didn't.  Not yet.  It's still sort of up in the air.

BREE: Do I get any say?

VICK: That's not how it works.


VICK: We're having a showdown.

BREE: A showdown?

VICK: Yeah.

BREE: You're like gunslingers?

VICK: Superheroes.

MICKEY: He ... he has powers.

VICK: We both do.                                      

BREE: Powers?

VICK: That's right.

MICKEY: Well ... mine haven't manifested.  Not yet.  It's sort of an experiment.  Listen.  This is stupid.  Forget it.

BREE: No.  I'm fascinated.

MICKEY: Really?

VICK: See!  It's working!

BREE: So you're like duking it out for the pretty little helpless girl?

MICKEY: Ahh ... no ... no ... that's not―

BREE: I have to fall into your arms?  Whoever wins?

VICK: You won't be able to help yourself.  He's got powers.

BREE: Why didn't you say something, Mickey?


BREE: I've known you since second grade, and you never bothered to tell me you had super powers?

MICKEY: Well, I ...

VICK: He just found out.  Origin issue.

BREE: What is it?  Your power?

MICKEY: My ... oh ... it's ...

VICK: His mojo.  It's enormous.

BREE: Yeah?

VICK: Chicks can't resist him.

BREE: Really?

MICKEY: It's kind of a new power.

BREE: I'm a chick.

VICK: That's true.  She is. 

BREE: Your power ought to work on me―right?

MICKEY: Yeah.  I ... I guess.  I mean―

VICK: No problem.  It'll work. 

BREE: Tell me to do something.


BREE: Bend me to your will.


MICKEY: I don't know what to say.

VICK: Ask her to the dance.


VICK: The dance.  Ask her.  Use your power. 

MICKEY: The dance?

VICK: Yeah.

MICKEY: Okay.  You ... you ... want to ... ahhh ... go ... go ... with me ... to the ... ahh ... to the ... the ...

BREE: Dance?

MICKEY: Yeah.  The dance.

BREE: Sure.

MICKEY: Really?

BREE: Yeah.

MICKEY: Are you serious?

BREE: Pick me up at seven.


BREE: Don't be late.

MICKEY: It worked.

VICK: Told you.  Irresistible.

MICKEY: I can't believe it.

BREE: What time?

MICKEY: Seven.

BREE: Seven sharp.

MICKEY: Got it. 

BREE: If you're late, my dad won't have time to scare you.  If you're not scared, he won't let me go. 

MICKEY: I won't.  I won't be.  Late.  I'll be right on time.  Seven o' clock.  On the dot.  Maybe a couple minutes early.

BREE: Good.  That'll give him more time to mess with your head. 

[Exit BREE.]

VICK: Dude!  You were awesome!

MICKEY: I know!  I was like hey, you wanna go to the dance?  And she was like yeah, pick me up at seven!                                      

[Silence.  MICKEY seems troubled.]

VICK: What's wrong?

MICKEY: Nothing.

VICK: What is it?  Tell me.

MICKEY: I ... I feel kind of bad.

VICK: Why?

MICKEY: I shouldn't have used my powers on Bree like that. 

VICK: Why not?

MICKEY: I've known her since like―

VICK: Second grade.

MICKEY: I should have just asked her.

VICK: You did.

MICKEY: No.  I used my powers.  I manipulated her mind somehow.  Against her will.  I've broken the most basic of all superhero oaths.  I've abused my powers for personal gain.

VICK: What powers?

MICKEY: My ... my powers.  You know.

VICK: Are you serious?


VICK: Your powers?


VICK: You don't have any powers.

MICKEY: I don't?

VICK: Please.

MICKEY: But you said―

VICK: I made all that stuff up so you'd ask her out.  I knew she'd say yes.

MICKEY: You ... you made the whole thing ...

VICK: Yeah.

MICKEY: You didn't make out with three cheerleaders?

VICK: Nope. 

MICKEY: Did you make out with anybody?  Bella?  In detention?

VICK: Not unless by make out you mean shoot spit wads at each other behind Mr. Zeccola's back.

MICKEY: No way!

VICK: It was totally awesome.

MICKEY: Dude!  That's so―


Wait.  So I just ... she really ...


I have a date with ...


Oh my god.

VICK: Yeah.

MICKEY: I have a date with Bree!

VICK: Tomorrow.  At seven.


MICKEY: Thanks, man!  Thanks!  You're the best! 

[MICKEY exits.]

I have a date with Bree!

VICK: So.  Once again.  The day is saved.  Thanks to Mojo Man!  And his faithful sidekick ... 


I need to find a sidekick.


* * *

Copyright © 2011 by Walter Wykes

CAUTION: Professionals and amateurs are hereby warned that The Secret Origin of Mojo Man is subject to a royalty. It is fully protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America, and of all countries covered by the International Copyright Union (including the Dominion of Canada and the rest of the British Commonwealth), and of all countries covered by the Pan-American Copyright convention and the Universal Copyright Convention, and of all countries with which the United States has reciprocal copyright relations. All rights, including professional and amateur stage performing, motion picture, recitation, lecturing, public reading, radio broadcasting, television, video or sound taping, all other forms of mechanical or electronic reproduction, such as information storage and retrieval systems and photocopying, and the rights of translation into foreign languages, are strictly reserved.

Inquiries concerning all rights should be addressed to the author at sandmaster@aol.com



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